Amman Baby Adoption comprehensively covers the adoption process
with a variety of services that will make your adoption experience a pleasant and treasured one.
These services include producing the adoption legal documents, clearance with immigration, conducting home study, referring clients to accredited medical/legal practitioners.
Amman follows a three-step efficient process in securing synergetic relationships for its clients.
They are as follows:
1. To gather and verify adopted parents information.
2. To find suitable babies for adoptions based on data provided and client requirements.
3. To proceed with administration matters if match is found.

Legal services for the adoption process are provided by selected Lawyers

Paediatric Medical Services for the adoption process are provided by the followings :-

1) Dr. William Yip Chin Ling a Consultant Paediatrician
2) Paediatric Cardiologist from Gleneagles Medical Centre.
3) Dr. Anita Menon a Consultant Paediatrician from Thomson Paediatric Centre Pte Ltd
Three-step process
Amman will provide the full medical report of the babies as well as teach/coach the adoptive parents on parenthood issues.
Amman also specialises in counselling and providing solutions to single mothers who plan to give away their babies and unmarried mums who give birth.
We will also follow-up with post-placements services on the child and provide administrative and support services for the prospective adopters.